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Viewing Homes Throughout the Purchase Process

Categories: Home Buyer Checklists | Posted: June 19, 2020

One of the most exciting parts of buying a new home is scouting out different houses and, in the case of a newly constructed house, watching your new home come to life. At H&H Homes, we have over 30 Model Homes that you can view. These include a variety of floor plans, elevations, product lines, and upgrades. Our Model Homes are open seven days a week. To check them out, set up an appointment with one of our Online Sales Counselors. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we can also facilitate easy remote viewing via Skype, Facetime, or your video conferencing tool of choice.

Our customers often ask us how often they can view their home during the building process. We make it easy for homebuyers to tour your new home periodically, even during construction. To arrange a viewing, contact your realtor or the builder representative to find the best time for a tour. For safety reasons during active building, and to allow for social distancing, it is important to set an appointment rather than dropping in.

First Steps in the Homebuying Journey

Categories: Home Buyer Checklists | Posted: May 29, 2020

At H&H Homes, first-time homebuyers often come to us with questions about timing. What comes first – a home loan or a contract? How quickly can I move into my new home? Who will I be working with throughout the process?

First things first – determine a timeframe that makes sense for you and your family. If you are financially prepared and are looking to move relatively quickly, a brand-new H&H Home could be yours in as little as one or two months. If that is faster than you’re prepared to make a move, don’t worry – the process can move at your pace. And, if you are interested in a home that has not yet been constructed, things will take 6-8 months. As you’re thinking about timing, you’ll also want to prepare a budget that will help you map out how to save, spend, and organize your cash flow during the purchase process.

Once these pieces are in place, you can start touring homes (or taking virtual tours) and get in touch with a lender. Our preferred lenders can be found here. A lender will want to see your bank statements, tax returns, proof of employment, pay stubs, your credit report, and any other documentation of assets or debts.

Our team of Online Sales Counselors is here to help guide you through the process. Get in touch today!