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How & When to Make Design Choices for Your New Home

Categories: New Home Personalization | Posted: July 27, 2020

At H&H Homes, we are here to help add your personal touch to your new home. Adding a bit of your personality to the paint colors and individual design options is an exciting step. As you tour our model homes and check out different cabinetry, countertops, paint colors and fixtures. We recommend that you keep your favorite options in mind so that the design selections process is as smooth as possible. Our Design Studio offers services to new homebuyers looking for ways to add that extra something special to a new home, or who have preferences for specific materials. Once you’ve signed your new home agreement, you will hear from our Design Studio Consultant, who will call you to set up an appointment to personalize your new home. The process will involve reviewing your home plan and site and community standards in your new neighborhood. Working with the Design Studio is the moment to decide upon the exterior colors of your home and to select design options for your home’s interior. Please note that not all design studio options are available if the home you have selected is already under construction or completed.

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Personalizing Your New H&H Home

Categories: New Home Personalization | Posted: May 15, 2020

The magic of transforming a house into a home is all about bringing your unique style, taste, and preferences to your new space. Putting that special finish on a brand-new home is, for many homebuyers, one of the high points of the homebuying experience. Personalized touches add color, texture, and detail to the life you imagine living in your new home.

Tips for Preparing for your Design Studio Appointment

  • Questions – Compose a list of questions you would like to ask during selections appointment.
  • Materials – With your REALTOR or New Home Consultant walk through a few H&H homes to see the different types of materials we use in the homes. We encourage you to take pictures and to notate the site number or address of the homes you walk. You can also visit our model homes.
  • Exterior Colors – Drive through several of our neighborhoods to gain a better idea of different exterior color combinations we offer.

At H&H Homes, we make selections simple. Our Design Studio offers services to new homebuyers who are looking for ways to add that extra something special to room configurations, or who have strong preferences for certain materials. At your Design Studio appointment, the Design Consultants will put together different design scenarios for the aesthetics of your new home. Whether you prefer shabby chic or farmhouse we can help you design a home that fits your style and budget.