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Design Inspiration for Outdoor Living

Categories: Outdoor Living Ideas | Posted: October 3, 2019

Design Inspiration for Outdoor Living

The Carolinas never fail to inspire with temperate seasons that encourage outdoor living well into the Fall. H&H Homes is proud to offer floorplans complete with generous outdoor spaces – just waiting to be designed with as much care and attention as your home’s interior.

When it comes to outdoor living, a helpful rule of thumb is to apply similar principles to what you might apply in designing an indoor space. We’re inspired by cohesive color palettes, a rhythm that accommodates the amount of space and its function in your family’s lifestyle, and user of the full dimensionality of the space – from the ground to eaves, from the doorstep to the property line. Creating a luxurious, comfortable and flexible outdoor living area is an essential way to help you make the most of your H&H Home throughout the finest weather months the Carolinas have to offer.

Here are five ideas to inspire your outdoor living area.

1. It all begins with a matching set. Chairs are essential no matter how you want to use your outdoor space – a comfortable set of seats makes it easy to bring food, parties, libations or a simple coffee and newspaper routine to the backyard. A matching set of Adirondack chairs is an elegant beginning to any backyard arrangement. Or, amp up the coziness with plush outdoor couches, sofa seats, even sofa swings with vinyl or acrylic-based upholstery which resists mildew and is easy to clean. Once you’ve taken time to enjoy the perfect seat in your outdoor haven, you’ll know exactly what you need next to make your space feel complete.

2. Commit to a color palette. Believe it or not, the goal in doing this is to make your life easier by starting with a simple two-or-three color base. From there, you can add accents and hues that draw out the most interesting details and exciting pieces of your outdoor arrangements. The type of palette you choose depends entirely on your home’s paint color, the surrounding landscaping and the extent to which you plan on adding accent pieces. We love a calm combination of earth tones such a green and taupe to root your design aesthetic. Essential items that follow the rules of your established palette would include any large furniture such as tables, chairs, outdoor rugs, umbrellas, upholstery, benches and large accessories such as light fixtures and plant pots. Once you’ve determined the right base for your outdoor area, you can move on to adding accent colors. On top of a muted, earthy palette, perky violet or warm yellow hues make a stunning complement. With accent colors, a little effort goes a long way. Accent colors look best on pillows for your favorite chairs, blooming plants and semi-permanent accessories such as candle holders, platters and pots for plants.

3. Create continuity from inside to outside. Decorating your deluxe H&H Home outdoor space is worth the effort it takes when you make frequent use of the space. There’s no better way to ensure a lasting connection to your outdoor space than to make it a natural extension of your indoor space. One of the most effective mantras of interior design in recent years has been around “bringing the outside in” with large windows, airy, open floorplan living spaces and a well-informed craze around indoor plants. Why not also bring the indoors out with an outdoor living area that’s as comfortable, well-appointed and desirable to relax in as your living room? With the spacious covered patio options offered by H&H, gem floorplans such as the Jackson and the Roosevelt and many others, you can even consider installing a flatscreen television on a covered patio wall to bring your full living room experience outside with you. Covered porches also make it easy to add elegant overhead light fixtures and ceiling fans to keep the air moving on warm afternoons.

4. Bring the party to life with a backyard bar. Building a freestanding bar on your outdoor patio is a sure way to attract friends, family, and neighbors. Not only that – you can do more with a bar than just mix cocktails. Bars are a great way to break up space at the perimeter of an outdoor patio or yard and can offer additional tall-chair seating, not to mention helpful counter space to help you spread out platters of food for entertaining.

5. Put a frame around it. The most versatile, flexible spaces are the ones that can go from feeling open and expansive to feeling intimate. If your patio is uncovered, or you wish to create spatial divides within your patio, simple walling techniques can add a whole new dimension to your space. Bamboo walls and curtains create tropical, lightweight fencing to add a resort-like feeling to your outdoor living area. If a cabana-style loose enclosure appeals to you, consider lightweight drapery or mosquito nets over chaise lounges, hammocks, and plush seating. Alternatively, a latticework fence can also help create a more permanent feeling of enclosure – especially if you’re looking to conceal side-yard project spaces, garbage bins or neighbors’ yards.

When you buy a home from H&H homes, you will have full creative license to explore the outdoor design treatments you’ve been dreaming of. Not only can you settle into creative projects in the comfort of your own indoor and outdoor spaces – you can design away with full confidence that you are building on a firm foundation. You can always expect superior quality in every H&H Home, where quality assurance is assessed on a programmatic level, beginning prior to construction and continuing all the way through to a comprehensive one hundred plus point inspection performed by a third party fully licensed inspector.

H&H Homes has built over eight thousand homes over the past 28 years. We continue our dedication and commitment to our customers to provide structurally superior, highly energy-efficient new homes at a tremendous value. Call us at (866) 983-3556 or visit our website today to find out more about the many advantages of an H&H Home!