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How Does Our Energy Efficiency Measure Up?

Posted: August 13, 2020

Energy Efficiency

Looking for validation that your home purchase meets a high standard for energy efficiency? H&H Homes are energy efficient across the board – and in many communities, we proudly offer homes with ecoSelectTM certification. Each ecoSelect home is rated based on high-quality construction practices and energy performance using the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, a nationally recognized standard. Homes with our ecoSelect package are a cut above. They are an excellent choice for homebuyers seeking outstanding indoor air quality and highly efficient energy usage. ecoSelect homes receive their designation through a series of detailed inspections during the home’s construction. If you are thinking about opting for an ecoSelect home, consider the long term benefits. These homes save you hundreds in yearly energy costs and come with the peace of mind that the comfort you feel in your home will have a lasting impact on your health and your property value.