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H&H Homes Are Structured to Save Energy

Posted: August 6, 2020

New Homes Designed to Save Energy

At H&H Homes, we believe that energy efficiency is a crucial consideration at every stage in a new home’s construction, from its framing to its appliances. In our homes that offer the ecoSelect package we build with 2×6 exterior walls, thicker lumber than standard 2×4’s in many of our communities. Thicker lumber makes for thicker R-19 insulation, ensuring a more stable interior temperature in any season. Our framing process is systematic – we avoid drafty, empty air pockets that might become difficult to insulate. As a result, homes are evenly insulated and comfortable in each room.

The materials we use in construction keep the elements at bay and protect a steady indoor environment. We ensure that sheathing panels, house wrap, windows, doors, and siding materials are installed with precision and fully sealed to protect the home’s structure from the weather. There’s more – we also apply sealant at the base of every window, and we use an additional layer of insulation using foam around doors and windows to keep outdoor air from seeping in. We offer windows made from low-emissive glass, which is treated with an invisible metal coating that reflects heat, still allowing light to pass through. The radiant barriers we use on rooftops follow this same logic – a radiant barrier cuts down on the amount of heat that travels from the underside of the roof to the rest of the attic and surrounding rooms. Radiant barrier roofing is applied to the underside of the roof. Check out the Energy Savings page on our website for details.

Our ecoSelect package assures lasting comfort in your homes – plus the satisfaction that you are saving costs by reducing energy usage.