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Home Gyms & The Case for Self-Care in the New Normal

Posted: September 30, 2020

Home Gyms & The Case for Self-Care in the New Normal

Spending more time at home means finding creative ways to adapt your hobbies and fitness activities to your home environment. Fitness is a powerful stress reducer and a great way to make use of the extra time that you might have previously spent going from place to place or managing your life outside of the house. Whether you’re new to exercise or a fitness regular, there has never been a better time to create a workout routine that boosts your health, your mood, and your energy. It all starts with setting up a dedicated workout space inside your home to set yourself up for success and make exercise feel like a desirable, integrated part of your day. 

Whether you are using a flex space where you roll out a yoga mat or carry in hand-weights, or setting up heavy machinery, go the extra mile to make your workout space fit for purpose. Bring in speakers, add a plant, set up a fan and television screen – and make sure you have room to stretch out and enjoy your workout with privacy.

An H&H Floorplan like the Wrightsville comes with spacious rooms that are adaptable because of their generous size. The Wrightsville makes it easy to carve out a portion of the master bedroom or open plan living room to act as a workout sanctuary – especially if you enjoy overlooking your outdoor area. Converting part of a garage is also a popular option for home fitness fans. Many H&H Homes floor plans come with a 2-car garage, giving you plenty of space to convert part of your garage into a fitness sanctuary.