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New vs. Used: What’s the Real Homebuying Impact?

Posted: February 7, 2020

New vs Used Homes

These days there is a significant trend around reshaping a fixer-upper into a clean and modern renovation. However, what we aren’t seeing in the television shows that glorify transforming old homes includes a slew of costs, effort and long term impacts on homebuyers and their families. At H&H Homes, we offer newly constructed, quality homes at affordable prices in areas throughout the Carolinas – and we believe in the immediate and lasting impacts of buying new.

Having a “history” is all good and well when shopping for collectibles – however, when it comes to houses, new construction has the allure of being shiny, with a never-been-touched feeling. As you weigh your options to buy brand new construction or a pre-owned home, here are four key areas we’d like to explore – the cost difference, lifestyle, calculating risk, and health factors.


When you consider the magnitude of investment that a homebuyer faces, the dollar amount is critical. Understanding a manageable price range for homebuyers is an essential first step – it is important to bring some amount of flexibility and understanding of cost fluidity to the process. For instance, new construction will almost always come with a higher price tag than a pre-owned home. In dramatic cases, differences might be as high as 20%. H&H homes start in the $140,000s. Consider a new home where the price amounts to something like $200,000, compared to a similarly located and sized pre-owned home selling for $193,000. The sticker shock of that additional several thousand can have a real effect on a buyer – however when you consider all of the bells and whistles that make a new construction special, that $7,000 quickly becomes a drop in the bucket of additional costs required to bring the used home into the modern era.  A newly built H&H home requires significantly less maintenance than a used home since every element of the construction – including appliances, the HVAC system, and roof – are brand new. In the long term, this gives you a better strategic sense of how to better predict monthly homeownership costs. In short –  you’ll spend less money each month to maintain your home. The cherry on top? Warranties protect your new home for several years before you need to undertake any major repairs.


At H&H Homes, we care about the same things you care about – safety, convenience, and comfort. Our brand new homes come with the peace of mind of community – our housing developments throughout the Carolinas are planned communities with green space, walkable parks, and privacy. Plus, we are conscious of keeping residents conveniently located near schools, shopping areas, business centers, and major roads to make the hustle and bustle of family life more manageable for everyone.

In addition to situating our homebuyers in prime environments like Brunswick County NCCharlotte NC, Goldsboro NCGreensboro NC, Jacksonville NC, Knightdale NCMyrtle Beach SCPinehurst NC, and Wilmington NC, we are also lifestyle-conscious in our floorplans. Have you always dreamed of having a sprawling foyer to make entering the home a moment of enchantment? How about a separate dining room, a media room, or an open-floor kitchen area? H&H Homes has the most modern design considerations, including spacious, light-soaked bedrooms and bathrooms. Plus, H&H Homes offers a wide variety of custom options to fit your personal style. If there are design elements you’re interested in integrating into your new home, it’s easier to custom-tile a bathroom, customize paint colors or bring in a special countertop when a home is newly constructed. Bring in your favorite cabinets, appliances, carpets, and flooring. While you’re at it, you have full license to choose gorgeous light fixtures, landscaping, and other options that you love. Your new H&H home should act as a reflection of your personal taste, not someone else’s taste. Adding your special touch will be worth it to you in the long run.


You can’t know what you’re unable to evaluate during a site visit. Let’s face it – in homes that were constructed in earlier days, things are bound to go wrong. Building materials in these properties were built to last a finite number of years and essential in-home features have experienced the impact of years of wear and tear. Quintessential fallout occurs in the unpredictable areas of maintenance that are just beneath the surface. For instance, older features such as HVAC systems, water heaters, and roofing material are ticking time bombs. No homebuyer wants to be dealing with leaks and temperature issues as they’re settling into their new home. Purchasing a new home comes with the peace of mind of functional features that are covered by warranties, less hassle with repairs and 56% lower maintenance costs. If this dramatic cost difference doesn’t get your attention, the peace of mind of a functionally operating home will – take things off of your thinking list and simplify your life by choosing new construction.


Is a new home “good for you?” On top of lower stress associated with a working, fully operable home, new construction means fresh building materials, giving you full ownership of how space is used. You will not be living in someone else’s mold, nor will you have to wake up to the eyesore of popcorn ceilings and smaller, outdated window panels. Air quality concerns are mitigated in new homes, as paints and building materials are high quality, state of the art and avoid volatile organic compounds. New homes are easy to integrate with smart technology to help you automate many of your key at-home machines and gadgets – yet another source of calm and peace of mind. Not to mention the energy-efficiency that comes with newly built H&H Homes means better insulation, the newest window materials available and smart systems that are healthier for the planet as well.

Learn more about H&H Homes’ floorplans, communities and cities we build in across North and South Carolina here, or search by city on our homepage. The team at H&H is passionate about building homes that will ease you into long term comfort. Get in touch today to learn more about us.

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