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Optimizing Your Work From Home Environment

Posted: September 11, 2020

Work from Home - Optimize Your Environment

Millions of Americans are working from home this year. They are experiencing upticks in productivity and an increased quality of life that makes it difficult to imagine returning to the office. Setting yourself up in a dedicated workspace is the first step to ensuring a successful work from home experience. In a brand new H&H Home with an adaptable floorplan, you can make choices that suit your individual needs and give you privacy, quiet, and enough space to feel comfortable throughout your workweek. For example, H&H Home’s Roosevelt floor plan comes with an office and full bathroom on the first floor, away from the other bedrooms and some living areas, which are upstairs. This gives you and your family space to spread out when you need quiet headspace. The Roosevelt’s downstairs office space is about 12×13 in dimension – giving you plenty of space for a full desk & chair, a couch, bookshelves, and more. Spread-out, vary your position while working, and set up an ergonomic workstation that will keep you motivated throughout your busy day. When your workday ends, you can close the doors of the office and physically shift gears, preventing you from feeling burnt out at work. Being able to disconnect is one of the significant advantages that a flexible H&H Homes floorplan can offer you as you navigate the new normal and enjoy the many benefits of working from home.

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H&H Homes’ Adaptable Floorplans Make It Possible to Thrive from Home

Posted: September 9, 2020

Adaptable Floorplans Make It Possible to Thrive from Home

The year 2020 has given “home” a whole new meaning. Because staying home is the surest way to stay safe, all kinds of activities that used to happen out in the world are suddenly taking place at home. Your four walls are more than just your space for rest and family time – in all likelihood, they’re a space for learning, working, entertainment, exercise, and exploring hobbies. At H&H Homes, we understand that you might have shifting needs as a homebuyer during this time. If you are looking for a flexible space, we can help. H&H Homes offers a number of adaptable floorplans that offer you room to explore possibilities, switch things up, and turn your house into a fully functional environment that accommodates your lifestyle in every way. 

Have you started your telecommute yet? It is no surprise that just about any job that can be done from a computer is now done from home. What is surprising is the idea that, for many, work may stay online well beyond the pandemic. With millions of Americans doing their jobs from home, companies are seeing lasting changes and advantages. Many people are starting to get used to some of the perks of working from home – saving hours that would have been spent commuting, spending more quality time with children and pets, finding more in-depth focus on work-related projects – however, in order to embrace working from home fully, your home space and your lifestyle preferences need to be balanced.

How can you set yourself up at home in a way that makes you efficient, focused, and able to unplug when the workday ends? There are loads of work-from-home hacks that have entered the (online) limelight in recent months. People have thought of everything from setting up your lights and camera to look your best on video calls, making sure you take breaks to stand up, move around, and optimizing your temperature for comfort. In a brand new home, there are many considerations you might have as you think about the ideal workspace for you. In an adaptable floor plan like H&H Home’s Roosevelt, there are several ways you can create physical and mental distance between yourself and the distractions of home. Not only is the Roosevelt ideal for families that need a little extra space, but it also comes set up with an office and full bathroom on the first floor, away from the other bedrooms and the theater room, which are upstairs. This means that the whole family has space to spread out, do what they need to do to have productive days, and can come together at mealtime or whenever it feels good to take a break and hang out. Even the laundry room is a whole floor away in this floorplan. For the busy parent working from home who needs to take calls, go heads down for long periods of sustained focus, or join lengthy webinars, a separate office is very helpful. Tempting as it is to take a call from the couch or spread out at the kitchen table, a dedicated workspace can make busy stay-at-home telecommuters more organized and more comfortable. As an example, the Roosevelt’s downstairs office space is about 12×13 in dimension. This gives you plenty of space for a large desk, soft seating, and more – so you can vary your position while working and set up an ergonomic work station that will keep you motivated throughout your busy day. Plus, when your workday ends, you can close the doors of the office and physically shift gears, preventing you from feeling like work is constantly happening or burning you out – a common work-from-home issue. Being able to disconnect is one of the significant advantages that a flexible H&H Homes floorplan can offer you as you navigate the new normal and enjoy the many benefits of working from home.

Busy adults are not the only ones feeling the shifts of the pandemic and our changing world. Families with students of all ages are navigating school in entirely new ways – and the rules seem to be shifting as time goes on. Whether or not your school has re-opened for in-person learning, distance learning is likely to affect millions of students in the coming school year. Experts on childhood learning often say that sticking to a reliable schedule is the most important success factor in ensuring that kids have a stable, healthy sense of what to expect each day. A space of their own is an equally important consideration to improve kids’ sense of creativity, autonomy, and motivation. Much like having a dedicated space is essential for telecommuting parents, a special area just for students who need to focus on their studies can be a big help, especially for students grade 6 and above. For younger students, parent supervision is an essential part of online learning – meaning your child needs a workspace that is also comfortable for you. H&H Homes’ flexible floorplans, such as the Jordan, come with numerous upstairs room configurations. Depending on the size of your family and whether your children share a room, the Jordan has options for 3, 4, or 5 bedrooms. Plus, like many H&H Homes, this house features a modern, open-plan kitchen and dining room. If your children are distance learning from an upstairs bedroom, you can be a simple room away and check in on them as needed, depending on their age and assignments. If you need to be more involved in your child’s day to day schooling, you can set up a school space in the open floor living area. This way, you can buzz around the kitchen, answer the front door, or take care of the house without being physically separated from the student in your family. 

For many families, spending increasing amounts of time at home makes the idea of living with elderly parents or in-laws more attractive than ever. Multi-generational living has remained a strong trend in many cultures. It has increased dramatically among Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, as working parents seek help with childcare, and families generally want to feel closer to their loved ones. In a home, good boundaries are conducive to a healthy multi-generational household. Privacy, some distance between bedrooms, and spacious common areas are extremely valuable for multi-generational families to fall into a happy rhythm while living together. If you are considering living with extended family members, H&H Homes’ larger floorplans can set you up with the ideal amount of space and room arrangement. For example, the Redbud comes with 4-5 bedrooms and several multi-use areas, such as a loft, flex room, and ample outdoor space. With a roomy kitchen and 9-foot eat-in island, the Redbud makes it easy for families to find a central gathering place for snacks or meals. If bringing aging parents or in-laws into your home is unlikely in the near-term but is potentially on the horizon for your family, a floorplan that affords you the space to expand your lifestyle and switch up how different rooms are used during the days and nights is ideal. 

Spending more time at home also means finding ways to adapt your hobbies and fitness activities for your home environment. Fitness is a powerful stress reducer and a great way to re-direct extra time that might have been spent commuting or running errands in the pre-COVID days. Whether you’re new to exercise or a fitness expert, there has never been a better time to create a workout routine that boosts your health, mood, and creativity. Make an inviting workout space part of your home to set yourself up to achieve your fitness goals and make exercise feel like a desirable, integrated part of your life. Whether you are using a flex space where you roll out a yoga mat or carry in weights, or setting up weights or heavy machinery, go the extra mile to make your workout space fit for purpose. Set up speakers, bring in a plant, set up a fan – and make sure you have room to stretch out and enjoy your workout with some privacy. An H&H Floorplan like the Wrightsville comes with spacious rooms that are adaptable because of their size. The Wrightsville makes it easy to carve out a portion of the master bedroom or open plan living room to act as a workout sanctuary – especially if you enjoy overlooking your lovely patio area. Converting part of a garage is also a popular option for home fitness fanatics, especially when stationary bicycles or other large equipment are part of your exercise regime. Many of our floorplans offer a spacious 2-car garage, offering you plenty of space to convert part of your garage into a fitness zone.

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