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Trending Color Palettes for Home Décor

Posted: October 24, 2019

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Is it true that colors come in and out of style? Evidence suggests that yes, indeed, there are real-world factors indicating that colors swing with the tides of style in other areas of culture and design. What’s happening in pop culture, in society, in current events, and in fashion all influences the way we want to feel – and what we want to see – in the comfort of our own homes. When it comes to interior decorating, you cannot go wrong with neutrals. Neutrals are a strong choice for major purchases such as carpet, couches, even wall paint. One of the benefits of going for a calm, earthy mauve, eggshell, cream or soft gray for the big items is to accent it with hot, vibrant colors – and to flip your accent pieces with seasons or on a more frequent basis. Re-painting your entire house may be an infrequent event – but placing and re-placing accent pillows, accessories, wall art and appliances offers you endless ways to play and remix your living space.

If you’re looking for concrete advice, the “evergreen” of neutrals – or the neutral hue that best stands the test of time – is a soft dove gray. Why? Gray comes in a variety of hues, making it easy to match. It also softens beautifully into a variety of different textures. This doesn’t mean that browns and beiges aren’t fine options – but be aware that chocolate brown has been the go-to interior decorating standard for several years already. Opting for brown may put you at risk of looking dated or drab before long. Who can forget the deep dinge of 70’s era browns? Need we say more?

Accent colors contribute a splash and a pop on small furniture items and accessories. These days, high-impact jewel tones such as acid green and strong purple are prominent in the design world. Aqua and green are especially powerful statements and can create an immersive feeling that immediately saturates your senses in the experience of occupying a room. There is something equally attention-grabbing and calming about green-blue hues. If a bold accent feels too risky or strong for your taste, a cool, easy, royal blue is a stunning option to accent pearlescent or ochre neutrals, particularly in common areas, living rooms and comfy lounge nooks.

Warm-color lovers, don’t fear – coral is here! Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, Coral is a brilliant, hopeful option that suits wakeful spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and kids’ bedrooms. It is also a bright, assuring way to fill darker areas with expressive intensity – where you’re low on windows, make coral hues your go-to.

If you’re curious about where to use accent colors, consider the rule of threes. If you can find the accent tone at least three times while looking in one direction, you’re effectively integrating the color into your space. This means a vibrant green couch pillow, for instance, would be well paired with a throw blanket and a vase on a coffee table within eye-shot. Or in the context of a kitchen, a contrast toaster in canary yellow might be visible in the same area as a picture frame and a flower pot in the same color.

The accent wall is an impressive way to make a statement with color – spark up your dove gray walls with a single wall in amethyst purple, dark green or soft petal pink. Accent walls don’t need to be explosive pops of color – but can be easy, soft transition markers from one type of space to the next. An accent wall around an entryway, for instance, may signal movement and dynamism to break up the energy of a primarily neutral walled space. A painted door is another classic, old-world feeling way to add a pop of color to a specific area of your space and to create a visual story around entering, exiting and movement through space.

If you’re interested in a high-design look with different paint colors in different rooms of your house, we recommend thinking of certain rooms as accent spaces. This might mean turning your dining room into a pale blue walled space while the rest of your common areas are a more muted color. Going for a dark blue or green adds a layer of gravitas and solemnity to spaces, and is fitting in rooms used as reading spaces or offices. We are also fans of sectioned-off contrasts, like a painterly wainscoting, or using two tones at different levels of a room.

Décor Aid offers a playful reminder of the lesser-used fifth wall, the ceiling. In smaller spaces, all-over color can feel confining. Painted ceilings are a fun way to play with stripes and other patterns, and can make a room feel taller, more spacious and more flexible.

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